Videoart 2004 presentation
Our exhibition will at the 10th of September, from 16:00 to 21:00 at MAM RJ, museum of modern art. There will be two different screenings. We will start with which has an American/Brazilian curatory, and 23 videos: 9 Brazilians, 9 Americans, 3 French, 1 Australian and 1 English, one video per author. The second screening starts at 18:15 and is called speciale, ands has Carlo Sansolo, Érika Fraenkel, Manuela Sobral (Brasil) with 3 videos each, Pascal Liévre (France) with 3 videos, Carlo Fattigoni (Itália) Matthew Gebhardt (USA), Genco Gulan (Turkey) and Katsuyuki Hattori, Kazumi Kanemaki and Masayuki Kawai (Japan). The idea of this screening is to have an idea of the world contemporary production of video art. We are choosing some authors that have a consistent production on this medium, we actually consider very important this geographical panorama.

Matthew Gebhart – Totem: 5:00 2002

A self-portrait which explores the artists insecurity, humanity, and sexuality through dance and a juxtaposition of non-linear images and events within a linear digital format.

Érika Fraenkel – Férias forçadas – 9:00 2003
A video that explores domestic violence being influenced by the t.v..

Manu Sobral Paz Final : minidv 4′ 30 2002

Discourse sustained by Bush, retransmitted direct to the open American TV in October 2002. Bush alleges being very important the invasion of Iraq, place where the global evil is placed. Sub aquatic vision of these being (Bush) and technical analysis of his insanity. Carlo Sansolo – W.B. Highway 4:30 – 2003
Superposed images of the Westminster tube and a highway in Rio de Janeiro, the images are related and there is also a text on the wonders of the post-modern subject.

Pascal Lièvre «Lacan Dalida» – Paris, video, 2001, 6:00*

On the big screen, two silhouettes interpret a karaoke number post-mortem. An excerpt of Jacques Lacan’s Seminar VII is sung to the tune of “Mourir sur Scène” (literally Die on Stage or for marketing “Born to Sing”) by Dalida. This film shows the articulation of language structure between popular music and the words of one of the 20th century’s greatest thinkers – and at the same time presenting a spectral psychoanalytic transfer.

Carlo Fatigoni – animassonante 8:30

The video is a symbolic travel on the feminine universe, through the elements of nature: Water, earth, air and fire. The origin of life that is created by mother nature that is the mechanism of evolution
Genco Gülan “tele-rugby” – istanbul 2003 11:00
“tele-rugby” is based on a love and hate relationship with media and more specifically with the TV. The video is not about a sports match. “tele-rugby” is about people fighting for the screen in a new environment.

Erika Fraenkel -Táxi aéreo- 5:00 -2003

A beautiful and desirable woman, discourses on the globalization and its economics repercussions.

Manu Sobral -Cidade Submersa ou Europa III – dvcam 5′ 2003

Archeological findings of pieces of Stones and ruins that constitute a city, millions of years submersed.

Carlo Sansolo Panoptica 9:00 2003

The occult camera registers moments of extreme banality, people on its most simple activities are observed.

Pascal Liévre – I love America 2:00 2002

On screen five people are singing I love America the famous disco song in front the U.S.A.’ flag. From five, up to zero..

Katsuyuki HATTORI ‘study on media “education before education”‘ 2001 8’43″

O esquema da mídia observado no chamado programa ‘educativo’ para T.V. Um alerta sobre o sistema da sociedade contemporânea, genericamente chamada de mass média.
Kazumi KANEMAKI “President” Japan 2001 11’00”
The life repeated routinely is compressed by the video and getting composed as information. Objective viewpoint toward reality is layered by the subjective them starts to emerge.

Manu Sobral 2003 Túnel- dvcam 2′ 30

-Sub-aquatic vision of a dark tunnel..

Pascal Líévre – Eixo do mal 6:00

A text from Georges W. Bush qutoed from Journal Le Monde: 31 de janeiro 2002 (An axis of evil, armed to threat the peace in the workd) is sang up on the melody of (and when the rain begin to fall) interpreted originally by Jermaine Jackson e Pia Zadora. This video was inspired by the language of the video-clip to translate the unprobable meeting of this theo-geo-politíc text with the language of love.

Érika Fraenkel – O farol- 5:00 2003

A massive slide exhibition digitally captured from the 40’s , and a text about informal economy.

Carlo Sansolo – Yetzirah (criação) 2 – 8:00 2003

Video that refers to the creation of nature and its assimilation by the technology.

Masayuki KAWAI “a not = a or For Devatas Who Keep on Dancing” Japan 2000 15’30”

Phenomena of the society of spectacle is deconstructed with philosophical exposition: and the image of conservative woman –equal to the symbolic landscape of it- becomes hallucination of dancing goddess in Angkor Wat to celebrate the prosperity/ collapse of the kingdom..

Videoart 2007 GASP Gallery Boston Jen Schmidt-

Title: QPON Media: digital video Duration: 2:25 Dimensions: Variable Year: 2006
Jen Schmidt- Title: waterlogged Media: digital video Duration: 3 min.Dimensions: Variable Year: 2006
Jen Schmidt- Title: Letters in a coma Duration: 5:25 min Media: digital video Dimensions: Variable Year: 2006

Matt Gamber- Title: Driveway Media: digital video transferred from VHS 2003 Dimensions: Variable Year: 2004
Matt Gamber-Title: Lawnmower Media: digital video transferred from VHS Dimensions: Variable Year: 2004
Harvey loves Harvey- Title: “A Multi-Planar Study Of Involuntary Response To The Lateral Impact Of Domestic Objects: Is It Funny?”Media: 2-channel video (presented here as single-channel) Duration: 3 Dimensions: Variable Year: 2003
James Nadeau- Title: Bergson Year: 2007 Media: Two channel digital video, (presented here as single-channel) Duration: 5:00 Dimensions: Variable
Justin Beckman- Title: Wall Year: 2005 Media: digital video Duration: 4 minutes 3 seconds Dimensions: Variable
Candice Ivy- Title: 49 Maple St. Year: 2005 Media: digital video Dimensions: Variable Duration: 8min
Candice Ivy-Title: Sustenance Year: 2006 Media: film transfer to digital video Dimensions: Variable Duration: 6min
Taha Belal Title: Sing Along Media: digital video Dimensions: Variable Duration: 15 minutes Year: 2006
Taha Belal Title: Father Tongue – Trying to Recite the Arabic Alphabet Media: digital video Dimensions: Variable Duration: 3 minutes Year: 2006
Jenne Willis GASP Gallery Director 362 Boylston Street Brookline Ma 02445 617 731 2500

Faticart selection

Marco Benda Title: Tutto Scivola Year: 2007 Media: digital video Duration: 2:50 MA.MA.CA Title: Plenilunio Year: 2005 Media: digital video Duration: 5:41
Carlo Fatigoni Title: MAR CEL Year: 2006 Media: digital video Duration: 5:59
Fathi Hassan Title: Walking Year: 2006 Media: digital video Duration: 6:53
Fathi Hassan Title: Blessed Nubia Year: 2005 Media: digital video Duration: 14:10 Alberto Magrin Title: Mary’s House Year: 2005 Media: digital video Duration: 2:50 Alessandro Pintus Title: Essere Sacro Year: 2005 Media: digital video Duration: 26:50 Marilena Vita Title: Dream Year: 2007 Media: digital video Duration: 4:53

Videoart 2008 Six Seconds around me sign the sound

alberto magrin alessandro finocchiaro alessandro parmigiani alessandro pintus alison williams amy cliser carter amy denio amy finkelstein andrea ciccone(AWRLAB) andrea rosset angel alonso angel augier angelo cruciani ANISH anna ursyn antonella pintus aka anna bolena antonello matarazzo antonia valero armando dearmas arturas bumsteinas benoît maubrey brigitte neufeldt BUSHWAC paed conca steve buchanan herve constant carlo fatigoni catholic mosquito christi denton gene kunze christine kertz claudio parentela claudio parodi claudio sichel damir fuentes garcía daniela camborata daniela krajcova daniele brocchi DBPIT debora villar vera debra petrovitch dennis miller domenico olivero ed osborn eduardo javier e orlando garcia eduardo josé marín potrillé eduardo rafael Santana navarro rdward monovich elio martusciello elizabeth ann miklavcic enrico glerean(e.g.o) esteban rizzi eugenia werner eva lewarne fathi hassan federico servando crook florindo rilli francesca pazzaglia gabriele grotto gabriele mastini juodo & gintas k giuliano perin giuseppe mileti gladys afamado gretel fehr GRUPPO SINESTETICO (Albertin , Sassu , Scordo) gwenn joyaux Haidji harold olejarz harriet jameson pellizzari heike fiedler henry gwiazda ignazio lago ismary gonzáles jan pieniazek jen-kuang chang john antoine labadie & margie beth labadie jon demiglio jorge delgado jorge vázquez sánchez kojo hitoshi laetitia catherine morais larry caveney leysa garcía del valle LEMEH 42 liora chayut luigi turra manuel pablo pace marco zoi maria rosa franzin marilena vita massimo mazzoli matteo brozzi matthew gamber mauro sambo michela rumich michele ragni michele spanghero miguel conesa osuna mladen stropnik nancy aleo nanni angeli nicola giunta nicola mette osvaldo cibils patrizia mattioli paul tiililä People From The Mountains raffaele ceccarelli retour au vent-steve buchanan / heike fiedler roberto fega rolan cahen sandrine silverman santiago ortiz sebastiano pennisi st.ride stefano giust stefano tedesco TERVISEX thorsten fleisch Titti Pritti tricia gray and jon demiglio tripti singh ventsislav zankov vittore baroni walter suazo wilfried agricola de cologne ximena labra - jessica braun xolocotzin eligio elias XxeNa Yelena ZAVOLOKA zoltan fazekas andrea pagnes e verena stenke

Videoart 2009 HEP Human Emotion Project

Alberto Magrin ” The Crowing ” Antonella Pintus aka Anna Bolena ” The Trilogy of Pain ” Caterina Davinio ” Ma-mma ” Claudio Parentela °° 45 OVERWHElming RElics °° Dino Viani ” La Madonna del monte” Edoardo Baraldi ” Tre ” Fabio Fiandrini ” Ethos Antropoi Daimon” FlavioDBPIT ” Barbed wire ” Florido Rilli | Carlo Fatigoni ” P ” Gruppo Sinestetico ” Censored “Lemeh42 ” Et Dukkejem (Doll’s house) ” Marilena Vita ” Sick heart” Mauro Sambo “Automobile” Nicola Giunta ” Foggy mistake” Nicola Mette ” Sentimenti umani Umani sentimenti ” Paolo Bonfiglio ” Mater ” Sara Luraschi ” Denzkeit ” Xxena ” Un anno da Platano” michael chang “concerto azzurro” Denmark glenn church “fragility” UK anders weberg “dejected” Sweden richard jochum “mama” USA ebert brothers “bluescape” germany debbie douez “sadness” Spain wilfried agricola de cologne “silent cry” Germany alison williams “red yellow blue” RSA adamo macri “slide” Canada niclas hallberg “fluid transfer” Sweden masha yozefpolsky “deep freeze” Israel richard jochum “home sweet home” USA simone stoll “missing you” Germany irina gabiani “samaia or triamzikamno” Luxembourg roy laGrone “smile beacon” usa, italy Antonia Valero “retrato” Spagna Bulent Bas “Emotions” Usa Curt Cloninger “Breathing in B Flat” Usa Elizabeth Miklavcic “A Time for Mourning…The Story of Iris Merryweather” Usa Eva Olgiati “Busy bee” Usa Heike Fiedler “li-/-ght” Ch Gili Avissar ” Self portrait-Dead artist” Israele Gwenn Joyaux “ojta” Argentina Haidji “Emotions” Portogallo Larry Caveney “Arm Wresting Intervention” Usa João Ricardo “Scarleet” Margarida Paiva “Fragments from an Unknown Woman” Portogallo Meri Nikula “Meditation”Norvegia Miri Nishri “Troubled Water” Israele Pekka Ruuska “EN Syö” Finlandia Rafiqul Shuvo “Germ free corrupted edit” Bangladesh Robertina Sebjanic “Bubble” Slovenia Xenia Vargova “TUTU” Portogallo

Videoart 2010 | 2011 Infinite Spaces

Elizabeth A. Miklavcic Work Video Animation Title (only one video) Horizon In Triptych Year 2010 Length 8:00
Eti Esther Naor Work: Video Title: Breathing Landscape Year: 2005 Lenght: Loop
Eva Olgiati Work Title : MY FRIEND – THE PIXEL-MAN year: 2002 – 2008 length 5.06 min Francesca Fini Work Title : THE MIRROR_DORIAN GRAY year: 2010 length 7.50 min
Giosetta Fioroni Work Title : Pastorale visionaria year: 2007 length 8.00 min
Herve Constant Work Title : Awaiting Discovery year: 2008 length 5.00 min
Irina Gabiani Work Title : Urtiertkavshiri year: 2008 length 3:00 min
Larry Caveney Work Title : Dancing to Neil Diamond year: 2010 length 3:51 min
Lemeh42 Work Title Inner klange year 2010 length 10′
Miri Nishri Work Title : TV Sex Box Year 2009 Length 2 Min. (loop)
SoundBarrier Work Title : Appunti sull’Irriproducibilità Tecnica Concept & Artwork: Pasquale Napolitano Programming: Stefano Perna Sound Design: LeMal d’archive + Alessandro Inglima Camera: Marco Ghidelli Additional Camera: Pasquale Napolitano Production: Soundbarrier_ July 2008 Duration: 6′ 37”
Rafiqul Shuvo Work Title : talk throw the doll Year 2008 Length 4:22 min
Rosa Menkman Work Title: Radio Dada year: 2008 length: 3:47’
Sergio Maltagliati Work Title: CIRCUS year: 2008/9 length: 3:00’
Thorsten Fleisch Work Title: Energie! year: 2007 length: 5:08’
Ventsislav Zankov Work : video/animation Title industrial nightmares Year 2006 Length 3min
Vienne Chan Title Un papillon sur Papineau (French; English – A butterfly on Papineau) Year: 2009 length: 3m 29s